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Varenummer: LABEL-8000T-Z-ENDURE
Zebra 8000T Z-ENDURE
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Permanent labels
Thermal Transfer
A top coated white acrylic thermal transfer label stock with excellent print quality offering 10 years outdoor
durability when used in conjunction with recommended Zebra ribbons. High performance acrylic adhesive
offers superior strength adhesion for a wide variety of surfaces and resistance to extremes of environmental
conditions. Superior image resistance and product durability make 8000T Z-Endure ideal for applications
requiring long term outdoor weathering resistance.
Suggested Applications
• Asset labeling for vending machines
• Rating labels for utility meters
• Product identification labels for outdoor tools / equipment
• Rating labels for security alarms
• Product labeling for street lighting
Technical Specifications

Description Caliper
Facestock White topcoated acrylic 51 microns
Adhesive High performance permanent acrylic 20 microns
Liner 50lb Kraft liner 91 microns
Total 152 microns
Recommended Zebra Ribbons: P4T, Desktop, Mid-range and high-performance thermal printers
Recommended Zebra Ribbons: 4800, 5095, 5100
Minimum Application Temperature: 10°C (50ºF)
Service Temperature Range: -40°C to 150°C (-40ºF to 302ºF)
Recommended Storage Conditions: One year duration when stored at 0°C to 21°C
 (32ºF to 70ºF) at 35% to 50% RH
Expected Exterior Life: Ten years 

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